Despite being consumed from decades of fossil fuel industry impacts, Commencement Bay is being watched and listened to by Citizens for a Healthy Bay (CBH) - a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that serves as the eyes and ears for those of us who can't be there. CBH tours the bay weekly looking and listening for human activities that bring even more harm to nature - and then they take action.

Soaring, nesting, swimming and raising the next generation still occurs in and amongst giant oil tanks, car demolition sites, sanding and painting, and a host of other container ship repairs.

How can we reconcile our need for energy with nature's need to also survive? How can we remedy a seemingly impossible co-existence so that every life form thrives?

Wrestling with this conundrum is eased a bit by donating to CBH, touring the bay with staff, and watching and listening to the wild ones that manage to eke out a living in and amongst fossil fuel infrastructure from which they will never benefit.

Tour the bay with CBH and donate. Photograph, write, and share what you learn with family and friends, all of which will make a positive impact for water, land, wildlife and people in this very special place.

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