Mt. Jefferson Wilderness - a place of diversity of an unusual kind in the Cascade Range.

Following perhaps 10 years after a significant forest fire over many acres, the land is taking color and shape and even providing fruit for hikers and backpackers.

Blue huckleberries in mid-September are ripe and full of juice. Yarrow blossoms are intensely white and centered with one brilliant yellow dot. Lupine and numerous other shrubs, as well as pine trees are making their way back to the landscape.

Trees burned beyond recovery stand as evidence of a once lush and rich forest that can perhaps return to this area. Climate change may - or may not - impact how this region is shaped in the decades and centuries to come.

While we - humans - continue to impact the landscape, it's important to recognize how nature heals. This photographer is inclined to believe that nature can teach us about resiliency.

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