Waldo Lake is one of the world's most magical natural lakes that inspires awe, brings peace to hearts and minds, and creates space for the human spirit to come alive! The surrounding Waldo Lake Wilderness is named so for its spectacular natural values in forest and wildlife habitat.

Home to a myriad of wildlife from tiny frogs to birds, bears and cougar makes this extraordinary place an adventure in nature and with our more-than-human relations.

Sitting high in the Cascades Range, Waldo is fed only by falling rain and snowmelt. Human presence on the lake has negative impact. Our respectful role as visitors there means walking lightly, speaking softly, leaving our human gadgets at home, and being present for the magic that Waldo Lake brings to the human condition.

One element of life on Earth that we can't control is lightening strikes like the one in 2022 that burned much of the forest at the waters edge.

What defines Wilderness? The question remains elusive especially as climate change begins to alter those places that many people have held close to their hearts for a lifetime. From this photographers perspective, Waldo Lake must always remain wild. It must be given the chance to begin healing so that decades from now its gemstone waters will still reflect magnificent color through which we can see life clearly.

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