Becoming NaturallyAware is easily experienced at home, the workplace or any natural space in your neighborhood and community. 

It starts with noticing what's around you through shape, color and fragrance. Slowing down to let nature into your senses  also includes touch. Wrap your fingers around Rosemary pulling the stem toward you and smell - it's incredible! Snip off a few leaves and chop them into small pieces for your next meal. A bowl of soup, sandwich or veggie saute will sing with flavor.

Every season brings new life, new growth, and new relationships between plants and other life forms including insects that are vital for the health of our planet.

Birds, butterflies and bees pollinate berries, squash, nuts and many other plants. Inviting pollinators to your home garden with flowering plants and trees brings diversity into your life not found any other way.  Pollinators bring rich and beautiful color, unique songs, and joy to our lives simply by watching and listening.

Bees, however, are dying at alarming rates from pesticides, insecticides and other chemicals. It's up to each one of us as humans, no matter where we live, to plant native plants that provide high value pollen for all pollinators, stop using chemicals of any kind, AND - buy only organic food to help reduce America's use of deadly chemicals.

Planet Earth is our only home - let's care for her, and she'll care for us!

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