Being in relationship with life is about being open and receptive to the largest expanse of mountains and river and lakes and forest…and pausing, and then slowly - much like a Mountain goat - kneeling and finally giving way, belly-to-dirt to rest.

Soft and shapely, firm and strikingly strong, delicate and almost transparent, softly silent to our ears, but wildly different from each other, and from our own form. The tiny and mighty in our world have been on Earth for Millenia. They have taken their sweet time to bring color, style and form to the world.

Earth’s evolution of approximately 4.5 billion years presents us with the chance to learn from nature, even from the smallest of life forms.

What can we learn from Mason bees? And how do we benefit from their presence in our lives?

These solitary, hard working and gentle bees are the reason that so many foods can be found in our gardens and grocery stores. Bees are critical for the way that many people live, and yet it’s up to us in this challenging time of climate change and environmental degradation to be curious, to learn to become naturally aware about bees - and other species in our lives - and do everything possible to ensure that they - and we - survive and thrive.

We need planet Earth, and the Earth needs us to walk with a gentle step. Be curious, live life's questions about your relationship to bees and how they influence what you eat; how your messy garden can be both beautiful and beneficial for birds; how the simple choices you make every day have such huge influence on the lives of our wild cousins. Every product, every action, and every belief makes life challenging, at best, for all other species on Earth. What will you do to give them a chance?

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