Seasonal reflections from a NaturallyAware perspective are really about self-reflections. 

Winter's blanket of snow and ice slowly gives way to warmer air on the skin, deeper layers of water to peer through, and our wild cousins who explore the landscape for nesting sites to raise the next generation. Summer's shine melts into Fall brilliance, and ultimately the ground for much needed rest in the plant world.

In these shifts of nature, be still and take moments of silence to notice shifts within you. How has your internal season changed? What is it about new blossoms, neon green leaves, blue skies and massive white clouds that change your perspective about life?

Change, being the most permanent thing in life, ensures our path toward something new each and every day, month and year. Nature is our greatest teacher for learning about change. Simply observe intently, listen to every sound (or silence if you're lucky...) carried by the wind, and touch every earthly element throughout the year to learn how change is really about birth, growth, dying, death and feeding the next layer of soil, the next generation.

Let nature be your greatest teacher.

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