Feathers and Fur (and Scales to come soon!) are really a reflection of who we live with.

When exploring nature, it's our responsibility to ask "who lives here" (taught to me by a friend) that helps us realize we're not the only intelligent animals to roam planet Earth!Why should we ask "who lives here?" It's to help us realize that animals of all kinds live in much the same way we do. Much of their lives are spent eating, sleeping, traveling, nesting and raising children, and - depending on the species - formalizing family groups that serve as both protection and as social bonds.

A hunter once said to another hunter, who was preparing for a weekend of shooting quail "...when I observed a male and female herding their chicks from one place to another, I realized that this was a family just like my own, and I gave up hunting - I just couldn't do it anymore."

By asking questions, we have the chance to listen and learn from our wild cousins.

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